Thai national bank issues $1.6B in government bonds on IBM blockchain


The Bank of Thailand has given the world’s first blockchain-based government reserve funds security stage.

The Bank of Thailand dispatched the world’s first blockchain-based government investment funds security issuance stage utilizing IBM’s blockchain innovation.

Inside about fourteen days of the dispatch, the national bank sold more than $1.6 billion worth of reserve funds securities, according to IBM’s authentic declaration on Oct. 5, 2020.

The utilization of blockchain innovation is said to have decreased the bond issuance time from 15 days to only two days. The expanded proficiency of the cycle has likewise diminished operational expense and repetitive approval of records associated with bond issuance.

IBM alongside the national bank worked together with seven different organizations including Public Debt Management Office, Thailand Securities Depository Co., Thai Bond Market Association and four different banks.

The Bank of Thailand may before long expand the utilization of blockchain innovation over all other official bonds for retail and discount speculators.

The Thai national bank has been effectively engaged with the blockchain and digital money space. In June, the bank dispatched a pilot test for its national bank advanced money — the computerized baht — to test it with enormous scope undertakings. The next month, the bank was likewise answered to plan to utilize its computerized cash to execute with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

The Bank of Thailand is likewise seeking after savvy contracts and decentralized fund use cases for its public advanced money.


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